Friday, 2 August 2013

Ordinations: photos and Newsletter

The ordinands prostrate before the Altar.

'Saturday 22nd June witnessed one of the most momentous events in the history of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer: the ordination to the sacred priesthood of two of the brothers, Magdala Maria and Yousef Marie.

'These took place in the church of Sanctissima Trinità dei Pellegrini in the historic centre of Rome.  This is a ‘personal parish’ run by the Fraternity of St Peter so all the Masses said there are in the    Extraordinary Form, ie the old rite.  We arrived to see Archbishop Pozzo, the Papal Almoner, who was to perform the ordinations, just stepping from his car, resplendent in his purple robes.
'There were three ordinands, Brothers Magdala Maria and Yousef Marie of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer and Massimo Botta of the Fraternity of St Peter.

'After Mass the new priests gave their first blessings and photos were taken.  Bro Magdala’s family had come all the way from Samoa and Bro Yousef’s from Australia.  Massimo Botta was a local lad so he had a great deal of family support in the church!'

The two Sons of the Holy Redeemer flanking the newly ordained priest of the Fraternity of St Peter:
left to right, Fr Magdala Maria F.SS.R, Fr Massimo Botta FSSP, and Fr Yousef Marie F.SS.R

Apologies for the photographs and a report taking so long to appear, but here they are at last. 

Fr Magdala's first Mass, in Sta Trinita

There is a set of photos on Flickr here.

First blessings.

You can download the latest Newsletter, covering the ordinations, here.

A celebratory meal.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Ordinations in Rome

From the Chairman of the Friends.

Brothers Magdala Maria and Yousef Marie are to be ordained in Rome on June 22nd this year and the Friends are invited to 
attend.  Clearly it is a great and momentous occasion.
If there is sufficient interest I may try to organise a Friends of Papa Stronsay group to travel to the ordinations.  I would seek to co-ordinate our travel arrangements and arrange accommodation in a convent.  I envisage that we would travel on the Friday, 21st June and return on the following Monday or Tuesday so as to have one or two days for sightseeing etc. after the day of the ordinations.  I must stress that these are initial thoughts only and whether I take them further depends on whether anyone is interested in going!  I am also not able to make a prediction as to cost at this stage, but would try to establish this as soon as possible if there is sufficient interest.
If you would be interested in travelling as part of an organised Friends of Papa Stronsay group please would you let me know in writing, by post or through email by Friday 8th February.  Obviously, if you do want to go, you are free to make your own arrangements if you prefer.

Those interested should email or write to the friends - see contact details on this blog.