Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Son spotted in London

I happened to be in St Bede's on Sunday, where Fr Andrew Southwell celebrated a magnificent Missa Cantata in rose vestments, to the accompaniment of a polyphonic choir, Cantores Missae, under the direction of Charles Finch. The Cantores Missae sing at St Bede's once a month.
By coincidence Br Dominic Mary F.SS.R. was in choir. He was en route from the Orkneys to his native New Zealand, where he will be joining the Sons' second community in Christ Church.
Br Dominic Mary (right)

Br Dominic is a lay brother, and has been (and will continue to be) much involved in The Catholic newspaper. Please pray for the community in Christ Church, where after-shocks from the big earthquake of a year ago are still being felt.

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